Behavioural Risk

  • Behavioural Risk Review
    Exploratory analysis to identify behavioural patterns and drivers that may lead to future issues (for instance focused on ‘local climates’ within your organisation).
  • Behavioural Insights Scan
    Mapping the improvement potential of specific processes or themes (for instance on AML or KYC processes) based on scientific behavioural insights.
  • Board Effectiveness Scan
    Evaluating the effectiveness of a board or executive committee with specific attention to behavioural patterns and drivers.
  • Behavioural Risk Assessment Process
    A structured approach to assess behavioural risk across your organisation based on a data approach in order to select high risk areas or processes that require attention.
  • Behavioural change and nudging
    Designing nudge principles (subtle triggers that change behaviour) or gamification principles (game elements in everyday reality) based on design thinking.
  • System change
    Developing interventions that create the right conditions for behavioural change,and hence risk mitigation, such as improving performance management, adapted governance, developing leadership, teams or an organisation-wide culture change.