Business and IT aligment

We regularly speak to customers where the business does not feel supported and IT does not feel understood. The business finds IT too expensive, has no control and sees too little value for investment. IT finds the business unclear. This leads to complex management and stifled innovation. Recognisable?

&samhoud is an expert in connecting these two worlds. By changing behavioural patterns we increase mutual understanding, agility, effectiveness and the power of digital innovation.

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Our approach is aimed at improving the cooperation between Business and IT. We tackle the root cause of the problem: cooperation and behaviour. Complex IT and processes do not create themselves.

We offer customization and are independent, partly because we have no additional interest in more or less IT investments. We speak the language of Business and IT and challenge and connect at all levels, boardroom, middle management and teams.

One customer put it this way: &samhoud helped us to be ready for digital disruption.

Agile mindset & behaviour

In practice, we see that organisations often pay great attention to processes and frameworks when implementing agile working and that they do not pay enough attention to the associated change in desired leadership, mindset and behaviour. The agile way of working is often implemented too superficially so that the desired positive effects are not achieved.   


  • Sustainable implementation of an agile organisation  
  • The customer at the heart of thinking and acting  
  • A safe basis for free experimentation  

What our clients say:   

“&samhoud knows how to make the soft side of change concrete and tangible”

Agile transformation

&samhoud helps to set up and implement an Agile transformation together.  

Implementing an Agile way of working does not happen overnight. It is a large-scale change that must be managed consistently and with sufficient attention. We help organisations to get the agile way of working to a point of functionality by not only looking at processes and organisational structure, but also at the underlying behaviour that is expected of the employees and leadership. In our approach, we ensure that the organisation becomes the owner of the change as soon as possible. 

This results in a measurable acceleration of the KPIs: 

  • Velocity 
  • Productivity 
  • Effective and manageable IT spending 
  • Growth in satisfaction and attraction

Curious? Then listen to this podcast about the Agile transformation within Albert Heijn IT. 

Business – IT System and Behavioural Analysis

Utilising a Business-IT system and behavioural analysis, we map the functional and dysfunctional patterns in the cooperation between Business and IT. 

We often see that collaboration is hindered by a combination of factors. Consider, for example, senior management that makes decisions without overseeing the long-term consequences for the application landscape. Or control structures that are no longer effective at the current pace of technological change. Everyone does their best, but the result is suboptimal. 

We map the root causes using the Business-IT system and behavioural analysis. In doing so, we facilitate the difficult but essential conversation about everyone’s role and responsibility in the problem. 


  • Overview of functional and dysfunctional patterns in the collaboration. 
  • Ownership for the problem. 
  • Supported solution direction and joint starting point for change. 

What our clients say: 

“We have gone from putting energy into internal struggles to putting energy into successful Tech applications and customer value.” 

Business agility scan

With the Business Agility scan, we map out in detail where an organisation currently stands and where opportunities lie.  

Agile working is a wonderful principle and in practice, we see many advantages. But we also see challenges. For example, how do you ensure coordination between the teams? How do you scale up agile working? How do you ensure that culture and leadership are also aligned? The scan provides insight. 


  • A shared view of the current degree of business agility 
  • Insight into differences in perspective of senior management 
  • Shared decision-making about goal and method 
  • Data-driven insight into the progress of building business agility 

What our clients say: 

“&samhoud sets up a solid process wherein, immediately, support and energy are created for the required change.” 

Confrontation session & case for change

A systematic, constructive and confrontational conversation about the cooperation between Business and IT.  

Our experience is that behavioural patterns that hinder good cooperation are often the result of limiting beliefs. For example, there is a classic premise that IT is an internal supplier of the business. While in the digital world the core product of a company is intertwined with IT. In a digital transformation, a shared starting point from the different perspectives is essential.  

We achieve this by conducting the real conversation, neutrally and with clear language, with the layer of people who are responsible for the choice of organisational design and technology. 


  • Insight into the bottlenecks 
  • Insight into the solution directions 
  • Insight into the effect of everyone’s role on the process

What our clients say: 

“We have more mature and balanced decision-making on technology-related projects”

Develop a joint change story and approach

In practice, we often see that Business and IT each look at the same situation from a different perspective. In a digital transformation, a shared starting point from the different perspectives is essential. One of the ways to bring images together is to develop a shared change story. 

We help business and IT to formulate this joint change story with points of attention that are necessary for successful and effective cooperation. We create ownership of the problem and the solution on the basis of a shared picture of the root causes and everyone’s own role. 


  • Supported change story 
  • An approach for change 
  • Implementation plan/approach for communication

What our clients say: 

“There is more energy, satisfaction and pride for what we are developing together.”

Digital Transformation Scan

With the Digital Maturity Scan, we map out where an organisation stands in the field of digital transformation and where there are opportunities. 

Digital transformation is about adapting and applying technology to be agile, innovative and customer-oriented. For many organisations, it is a great challenge to incorporate digital transformation in their strategy in the right way. Successful digitalization goes much further than just investing in the right technology. It is essential that there is a correct foundation within which technology and innovation are central. This scan provides insight into this basis. 


  • Insight into the current readiness for digital transformation 
  • List of strengths and areas for improvement concerning the digital transformation 
  • Insight into possible next steps 
  • Support for the change 

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