How do we realise the growth ambitions of the new Videoland platform?

By speeding up the development process and making it more predictable

Videoland has been commercially very successful for years, but partly due to its success, the platform had reached its (technical) limits. This created an urgent need for a new platform that RTL developed largely in-house through an agile method. However, the delivery date had to be postponed and the collaboration around the new platform threatened to grind to a halt. We were asked to map out why this was happening and to work on a solution together with RTL.


Accelerated delivery of the new platform and associated cost savings. Reasons:

  • 50% increase in velocity in the three teams involved in the development (compared to the first sprint)
  • Rapid identification and removal of blockages (11 in the first 8 weeks)
  • More effective steering group by setting up a clear consultation structure and drawing up clear KPIs
  • Increased ownership and innovation in the teams through new system and improved collaboration between the teams
“ &samhoud delivered a razor-sharp, objective analysis in combination with a concrete approach that really made change in our organisation possible. ”

Our approach

First, we conducted an analysis, with a large number of stakeholders, of the root causes of the delay in the development of the platform. From there we started working together on the following solutions: (i) Clear assignment description & strategic framework as a shared starting point for all decision-making, (ii) Adjustments in structure & roles for more focus, (iii) Clear management & decision-making rhythm and (iv) Behaviour and cooperation based on alignment and autonomy. The emphasis was on strengthening the crucial connections between the Tech, Commerce & Content and Data Analysis departments on the one hand, and the senior management, steering committee and development teams, of both the existing and new platform, on the other.

Together we build a brighter future

Unique approach for transformation

To accelerate the platform, a change in behaviour was required in both senior management and development teams. We have developed an implementation approach that connects both worlds. In addition, we have achieved a breakthrough in ownership and understanding between, among others, the Tech and Commerce departments, because we speak the language of both and have been able to make the connection

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