How do you increase the speed, agility and effectiveness of a retailer in a rapidly changing, digitizing world?

Through an Agile transformation, the culture, way of working, leadership and strategy is set up to be faster, more agile and more effective

A retailer is very subject to digital developments. In order to respond quickly and effectively to changing customer requirements and to make the most of the opportunities offered by e-commerce, data & analytics and technology, it is essential that a retailer becomes more agile. &samhoud has helped with this by designing, implementing and managing an Agile transformation.​


  • The organization has increased in effectiveness, speed and flexibility
  • Collaboration between IT and business stakeholders has improved
  • The willingness to change has increased. Whereas, a year ago, few teams and leaders were open to working Agile, Agile has now become the norm
  • There is more transparency and insight into strategy and roadmaps
  • Within the data department, the Agile mindset and culture has completely changed. IT employees indicate that a start has been made on breaking through silos, that they arrive at a first version of their product more quickly and that feedback is given more quickly
“ Agile has come to life: We embrace uncertainty, prioritize on business value and can react quicker to unexpected changes. ”

​Our approach

&samhoud guides the European IT organisation in shaping, managing and increasing business agility across 5 different countries and a regional IT department. We have opted for two approaches. The value stream approach: increasing business agility by defining the agile working method (using SAFE as a framework), increasing agile knowledge and awareness and hands-on coaching on the job within specific departments. You can think of prioritising new customer questions managing Agile teams in the right way and applying agile principles to change culture. The principled approach is organisation-wide and looks at how the Agile principles can be applied to the entire IT organisation and how you can stimulate Agile behaviour within an organisation. Think of formulating a clear strategy, setting up and implementing agile portfolio management and developing agile leaders. NB: The entire change is digitally/remotely controlled.

Together we build a brighter future

Unique approach in transformation

By not only focusing on processes and content, but also on behaviour and culture, you anchor the new way of working in a  sustainable way.  By providing unusual elements in the approach and by keeping an eye on the practical and human side of the change, the transformation takes wings. This is something &samhoud can do like no other.

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