How can we learn and improve a strong culture of engagement?

To sharpen the steering for results  in coherence and openness

DELA is a highly successful company in the funeral services and insurance market. There is a strong culture of commitment to each other and to customers, and the DELA story is well promoted both internally and externally. However, with a culture focused on engagement, the focus on results is sometimes lacking. Therefore, DELA’s strategic question is: how can we learn from each other and improve without losing the strength of our current culture of engagement?


In 2013, an ambitious vision and strategic direction was set for 2020. By 2019, the strategic goals have been met in all areas, which was considered unlikely in 2013:

  • On the Human perspective, the goal was to become #1 Great Place to Work. Achieved: 3 times #1 in the Netherlands and 1 time #5 in Europe
  • On the Member Perspective, the goal was to achieve an NPS above 25. Achieved: NPS 60
  • On the Environment perspective, the goal was to achieve a minimum of 70 among non-members 3 times. Achieved: 6 months in a row minimum 70
  • On the Finance perspective, the goal was always profit sharing. Achieved: always profit sharing with business model adaptation

In addition, employees consider DELA anno 2020 a learning organization and the credibility of management has improved.

“ The job satisfaction and pride in DELA has increased enormously and still we are, based on a short-cycle method, continuously in dialogue with each other and see together if we are still on track! ”

Director of P&O after winning Great Place to Work Netherlands

Our approach

We did not start from what was missing but from what was very much present at DELA: a culture of involvement and collaboration. Within the safety of the mutual relationship, we started working on openness, feedback and the conversation about ‘hard’ results. A shared vision and bold goal were developed with a large part of the organization. These have been taken as the guiding principles for steering both the strategy and the development of the employees.

  • In order to realize the strategy and to clarify everyone’s role in it, a uniform method of working and steering was established for the entire organization
  • Internal and external communications are closely linked, which has further increased pride in DELA and achieved results
  • The improvement dialogue has become a central theme at DELA. By making clear agreements in all organizational units and teams, expectations are clear and performance is made transparent
  • To further stimulate employee development, work has also been done on management’s personal development and awareness of their crucial role in DELA’s journey

Together we build a brighter future

Unique approach in transformation

By looking at the issue from an integral perspective – business operations, social norms and personal beliefs – we were able to identify where the strengths and energy lay at DELA and where the challenges are. With our broad specialization in the field of management, strategy development and execution, leadership development, personal development and translation into inspiring and effective interventions such as organizing summer schools, we were able to help DELA create learning capacity based on their strengths.

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Wouter van Daalen
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