What we are good at

Solving strategic challenges through the behaviour of people. We inspire and connect.


The key to the success of organisations lies in human behaviour. Nevertheless, leaders often seek the solution to strategic questions in organisational changes, systems and processes.

We approach strategic challengers integrally from our following areas of expertise:

Strategy, culture and identity

Behavioural Risk

business & it alignment

leadership and team


Strategy, culture and identity

A new strategic direction always requires new skills and new behavior. In order not only to have a successful strategy on paper, but also to get the success off the drawing board, it is crucial to design and manage strategy and behavior in conjunction. The transformation of an organisation then not only takes place on the business side of the strategy, but culture and identity move along with it. In practice, we often see that the emphasis is too much on either side. We are convinced that in a well thought-out approach both elements reinforce each other enormously, with a visible impact on the results, speed and energy of the change.


Strategy, culture and identity

What we can help with:

  • Strategy development and execution
  • Transformation of culture and identity
  • Develop an identity and a purpose-driven organisation
  • Translation of strategy into performance and portfolio management
  • Top team(s) in transformation
  • Change communication
  • Post Merger Integration though a behavioural lens
    Behavioural approach to cost savings

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. This statement by Management expert Peter Drucker is familiar to many and a bit vague for some. In practice, however, almost everyone who wants to bring change and innovation runs into it. The success of strategies aimed at increasing agility, customer focus, cost savings, innovation, renewal, growth, digitisation, new business models, portfolio management, or the life and compliance of the “purpose” is inextricably linked to people’s behaviour.

Many organisations get stuck here. Although the strategy and objectives are so well thought out, in the end it seems as if they hit an imaginary wall and just bring about familiar behaviour patterns in a new guise!





Strategy, culture and identity

To prevent this, in our approach we already take into account the behavioural component in the phase in which strategies are designed. This significantly increases the chance of success and acceleration. Even when the strategy is already being implemented, we are able to achieve breakthroughs by discovering, together with our clients, how strategy can be achieved or accelerated by looking through the “behavioural lens”. We combine our in-depth knowledge and methods for change with our knowledge of the organisational system and business. Together with our clients we design and realise an approach tailored to their situation.

In order to realise breakthroughs in strategy, culture and identity, it is important to keep an eye on the entire system of an organisation. And to work with the system on the basis of understanding and connectedness.

Please contact one of our experts:

For Europe / Global: Wouter van Daalen at w.vandaalen@samhoud.com or +31 (0) 30 234 86 04
For Asia & Middle East: Wouter van der Weijden at w.vanderweijden@samhoud.com or +60 1 72962100


Behavioural Risk

Risk management traditionally focuses on formal processes, structures, and procedures. However, merely complying with processes, increasing controls and surveillance and setting up systems is necessary but not sufficient to guarantee effective risk management. The behaviour of employees is complex and can, unintentionally, lead to future issues.

We help you manage risks by identifying those behavioural patterns and drivers that may lead to future issues. Consequently, we address these behavioural patterns and drivers for example by applying gamification and nudging.

Behavioural Risk

What we can help with:

Characteristic of our approach is the focus on both analysis and change. To accomplish sustainable behavioural change, it is essential to analyse the drivers of behaviours and intervene accordingly. In this way, we prevent the behaviour from “reverting” to old ingrained patterns, and we can hence help to mitigate behavioural risk.

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For Europe / UK / US / Global: Femke de Vries at f.devries@samhoud.com or +31 (0) 30 234 86 04
For Asia & Middle East: Sahil Sharma at S.sharma@samhoud.com or +60 1 72962100

Business and IT alignment

Business and IT, on paper it is a perfect marriage.

To emerge from the digital race as a successful innovator, a smooth and close collaboration between tech experts and the employees with all the knowledge of customers, products and business processes is essential. Deeply ingrained behavioural patterns, misconceptions and difficult relationships can unfortunately easily undermine all good digital ambitions. &samhoud is an expert in uncovering and changing such behavioural patterns. We bring IT together with the rest of the organisation so that everything becomes more effective. In doing so, we ensure that IT expenditure remains under control and the business remains closely involved.


Business & IT alignment

What we can help with:

  • Making better use of the power of technology by optimising the connection between the IT department and the rest of the colleagues in the business
  • Map the functional and dysfunctional patterns in the collaboration between Business and IT
  • Creating ownership for the underlying problems in the collaboration, by having the difficult but essential conversation about everyone’s role and responsibility in the collaboration
  • Designing the ideal culture and business structure in which business and IT work together optimally in mutual co-operation
  • Designing a change approach and facilitating the implementation. We build trust and communication together with energy and inspiration
  • Ensuring that Agile works on a large scale, with a focus on underlying principles appropriate to your organisational context

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For Europe, Asia and Middle East: Floris de Bruin at f.debruin@samhoud.com or +31 (0) 30 234 86 04

Business and IT Alignment

Is your strategy full of terms such as “Tech-driven”, “Business Agility” and “Digitalisation”, but you see only a few fundamental improvements in the quality and speed with which products, systems and services are developed for your clients in practice? Waste and undesirable of course, but you are certainly not alone in this. Digitalisation was quick and only accelerated further under the pressure of the current crisis. A smooth and close collaboration between the tech experts and the employees with all the knowledge of the clients, products and business processes is essential to emerge from the digital arms race as a successful innovator.

Deeply ingrained behavioural patterns, misconceptions and difficult relationships can unfortunately easily undermine all good ambitions. &samhoud is an expert in uncovering and changing behavioural patterns, bringing IT together with the rest of the organisation so that it becomes more effective. Not only do we understand the language of the CEO and the CIO (and middle management and teams), we are also able to develop the connection, shared understanding and effective behaviours necessary for success. We ensure that Agile works on a large scale, not by focusing only on frameworks, processes or worse, gurus but by focusing on the core culture, behaviour and the way in which it is managed. Allocating 5% of the IT spend to optimizing the collaboration around the other 95% works as a great lever on the value you get from this budget.

& samhoud helps you to be ready for disruption – in the end IT’s a peoples business.

Please contact one of our experts at info@samhoud.com or +31 (0) 30 234 86 04

Leadership and Team

“You design a well-intended process, and people still don’t act as you expected”

Maybe you recognize this? Leaders who’ve attended an inspiring leadership program and who are fully motivated to apply their new skills, behaviours and acquired expertise within their teams or organization. However, when they go back to the workplace, it turns out to be difficult to hold on to their intentions and to realise this behavioural change. Leadership development is often well structured, but the context around the leaders makes it complicated to (continue to) apply and inculcate the newly learned behaviour. For sustainable leadership development contributing to successful strategy execution, it’s important to look beyond the individual.



Leiderschap & Team

What we can help with:

Please contact one of our experts:
For Europe / Global: Roosmaryn Spliet at at r.spliet@samhoud.com or +31 (0) 30 234 86 04
For Asia & Middle East: Nur Hamurcu  at n.hamurcu@samhoud.com or +60 1 72962100