Work with us

“ Working at &samhoud isn’t just working. Here you can make a change! Are you in? ”

Are you aligned with our vision “Together we build a brighter future. We achieve breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people”? Would you like to assist large organisations in solving strategic challenges? Can you relate to our core values intensity, authenticity, friendship and joy (see below)? Are you connecting and entrepreneurial, and interested in behavioural change and organisational culture? Then &samhoud could be your future employer!


What do we offer?

&samhoud works with large multinational clients to solve their strategic cultural challenges. We offer an intense learning environment in which you, together with your colleagues, will deliver top notch performance for our clients. We offer a place to develop continuously, to discover your own goals and values, and to develop your own qualities. We have a great eye for our people and we believe in stimulating development through learning days, training weeks, peer group intervision, frequent feedback and coaching on the job.

The most special thing about &samhoud is our people. Our clients often say – “You see it immediately if it is an “&samhouder.” We are people who recognize ourselves in the same vision and values, who are energetic and connecting. People who work hard, but can also play.

We also have a close-knit culture. The culture at &samhoud can be best described by our values of ​​Intensity, Authenticity, Friendship and Joy. See below what these values ​​mean for us in daily practice, including examples of what it is like to work with us.


Our core values

We want to be the best in everything we do. We work quickly, in a disciplined and effective manner. Exceed expectations and realise breakthroughs. We are determined and entrepreneurial. But we also manage our energy and we make a conscious choice on the areas where we want to be intense.

We have a solid awareness of the self. We believe in developing ourselves continuously and purposefully. We dare to be unusual. We work with passion for our profession and are proud of the results. Everyone who works with us creates a personal vision, this is often a year-long process in which you define: you core values, your core qualities, and; your aspiration. Your personal vision is a guide for your personal development at &samhoud.

We are honest, we are open to feedback and ready to contribute by giving feedback. We inspire and connect clients and our colleagues. We help and develop organizations as if they are our own. We believe in the power of diversity and complementarity. Friendship for us is taking care of each other, and in balance with honesty. Hence: we are open to giving and recieving feedback. For example, everyone at & samhoud goes through a 360-degree feedback cycle on a quarterly basis.

We are optimistic and cheerful. We laugh together and have the ability to also laugh at ourselves. We know what gives us energy and also how to give energy to others. We are curious and open to new ideas and people. Our values of intensity, authenticity and friendship are a bit serious, but Joy stands for us for happiness and positivity.

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